How to learn Japanese without flashcards

How to learn Japanese without flashcards 

Gamified flashcards and listening exercises are an increasingly common approach to learning a language, and there is certainly a lot to be gained from giving your blood, sweat and tears to transfixing all that vocabulary into your brain.  

But this is just one part of learning  any language, let alone Japanese.  Flashcards and listening games develop your passive language skills (reading and listening), but crucially miss out on active language skills (speaking and writing).


The biggest test of a learner’s Japanese ability is being able to speak with a native Japanese speaker - a mixture of confidence, an understanding of the Japanese culture (so you know when and when to say certain things or use the correct form) and, importantly, the ability to actively engage his or her active language skills to construct meaningful sentences on the fly. 


All these things can be developed with practice, but a problem arises when finding conversational practice in your home country. Private tutors are often too expensive for regular lessons, classes provide conversational practice that is few and far between, and the cost of frequent travel to the country of choice is, for most, prohibitively expensive.


But there is another way. The Kaizen Languages app wants to help language learners fill this gap in their language learning by focussing on developing conversational skills from the beginning.


To achieve this, the app takes a uniquely conversation-led approach to teaching Japanese, using the power of AI to provide learners with personal language tutors in their pocket. The AI tutors - with varied backgrounds, personalities and accents - teach learners through life-like conversations, engaging the active AND passive parts of a learner’s brain.


But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself on the App store.


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December 20, 2019 11:44 AM