Why learn Japanese?

Why learn Japanese?

Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese, but aren’t sure it's worth the effort? Well, we've put together our top reasons for learning Japanese to convince you to take your first steps.

Japanese as a language is spoken by 130 million speakers globally and is used frequently in business and in popular culture. We've put together the top reasons for learning Japanese - check them out below:

For work

Japan is the world’s third largest economy and many of the world’s largest companies are Japanese, including world famous companies like Toyota and Sony. If you want to work in Japan or with a Japanese company, speaking the language will move you to the front of the queue. If you're learning Japanese to work in Japan, passing the N2 JLPT exam is often considered the benchmark required to get a job. Speaking Japanese is no mean feat and is a generally impressive skill to add to your CV, and it can even be beneficial outside of Japan.

For love

Dating someone who speaks Japanese? Speaking their language would be a great way to show your commitment, as well as break down cultural barriers. And plus, you have someone to practice with you who can help you learn incredibly quickly.

For family

Have family members from Japan who you would like to speak with in Japanese? Studying the language independently can help you develop a greater understanding of the language and impress them! The next time Japanese is used, you can join in.

For travel

If you're visiting Japan for more than a week, it will pay off to learn the basics. English is widely spoken, but if you want a more authentic experience of Japan, being able to speak with the locals, even a little, will help significantly. If you are ordering at restaurants or an Izakaiaya, being able to talk a little Japanese can turn a transactional experience into a wider conversation to get to know the locals.

For anime/manga

If you're a fan of anime and manga, what could be better than being able to watch and read without subtitles? If we're honest, we don't know if there is anything. Understanding the language unlocks all the hidden meanings that are often lost in translation.

However, most people in Japan don’t speak like characters do in anime, so be warned that if you learn Japanese from only anime/manga, you might struggle in Japan, and possibly offend the locals.

Improve your problem solving

There are some other perks of speaking another language. Apart from developing a wider appreciation for other cultures (all cultures are unique, but Japanese culture is particularly special), you also learn to look at the world in a very different way. This can manifest in improved problem solving, understanding how to learn new topics more effectively and even learn more languages faster. There has even been scientific research that has shown that speaking more than 1 language can help improve your brain in later life!


Do you know your shogun, samurai and ninja? Japanese feudal history is truly fascinating, from the majestic castles to ancient works and stories of the warring Daimyo of Japan's sengoku period. There really is no better way to learn about Japanese history and language than reading the source material in its native Japanese.

These are our top reasons for learning Japanese! We hope you agree with them or found more reasons to study Japanese.

Good luck!



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December 20, 2019 1:24 PM