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Learn to speak Spanish whilst you explore the Spanish-speaking world.

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On average it takes 700 hours of speaking practice to learn a language. 
 To master it, you need to learn in the most natural way possible, by speaking! Why not learn to speak with the app that is designed to get you speaking confidently from day one?


Learn your new language by speaking it. Master everyday situations and experiment freely.


Learn new words and how to use them with our comprehensive approach to speaking.


Full explanations of every piece of grammar that you need to speak with confidence.

Explore the world with our AI. tutors

Learn a language by speaking, our AI tutors enable you to practice until you are confident in every situation. Learn from your mistakes, practice at any time and at your own pace.
Learn two dialects of Spanish from Spain and Mexico and our AI tutors will guide you every step of the way!

Personalised exercises

We know everyone is unique. What you may find easy, others may find hard. Therefore, our flashcards and exercises are 100% personalised to you and your ability to ensure you can reach your language goals. 

Discover new words and how to use them. All in our dynamic exercises that are designed to be useful in the world.

Gain confidence by speaking

We have all been there, you have a chance to practice your new language and you freeze. No problem! With Kaizen Languages you practice speaking with your own AI tutors to help you gain the confidence to speak and be your authentic self in your new language.


The rules for when and how to speak can seem overwhelming. We teach you what you need to know, when you need it so that it sticks.

We provide it all

Complete grammar guides

Practice and reinforce your learnings in fun and engaging exercises

Practice using what you learn in life-like situations


It’s exciting to travel and explore new cultures, especially in your new language. We believe true fluency comes not just from command of the language, but from understanding the culture as well!

We cover culture and what is the norm in everyday life and events, so that you can truly immerse yourself in the language and culture.

Spanish Resources

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Spanish Resources

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Learn Spanish by Speaking


Helping me pick back up Japanese

I have found this app extremely useful as it was able to immediately gauge my level of Japanese and put me into an appropriate AI class.

Engaging and great value

I found it to be highly intuitive better than others I have used and my Japanese began progressing at a good pace.

Super simple! Makes learning easy

Great app.. made learning the basics so fun! I’ve tried a few language apps before but this feels most intuitive, great UI and content!

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