Spanish for Business: A Complete Guide

The world's been facing new challenges and remote work has become the new normal. The global reach of the organizations are closer than ever before, and new opportunities are arising for employees around the world. 

Latin American emerging markets and Spanish constant growth are two important factors to get you learning Spanish for business. You might encounter different scenarios where these language skills are absolutely necessary and will expand the chances to grow in your career. 

For that reason, we have prepared some essential business vocabulary in Spanish.

Vocabulary  for business

Boss Jefe/Jefa
Employee Empleado/Empleada
Colleague Compañero/Compañera de trabajo
Director Director/Directora
Assistant Asistente
Meeting Reunión

Business Plan Plan de negocios
Presentation Presentación
Budget Presupuesto
Agreement Acuerdo
Salary Salario
Benefit Beneficio

Manage Gestionar
To buy Comprar
To employ Emplear
To fund Financiar
To invest Invertir
To exchange Intercambiar

You might find it easier to speak English during a business meeting in other countries, however, having the possibility to communicate in the local language, in this case, Spanish, with people from Spanish speaking countries will definitely give you an advantage and open the possibility to build a stronger connection and empathy with  your new clients, colleagues, investors or partners!

Having said that, we want to share with you a list of the most frequent verbs used in a business environment in Spanish

To recruit contratar
Pay rise aumentar el sueldo
To Resign Renunciar
To Succed Triunfar
To invest Invertir

To make your life easier we have also prepared a list of common business phrases that you should definitely keep at hand in a professional environment.

Do you have a business card? ¿Tienes una tarjeta de negocios?
When can we meet? ¿Cuándo nos podemos reunir?
What time is the meeting? ¿A qué hora es la reunión?
I need to speak with my business partner Necesito hablar con mi socio
We are looking for investors Estamos buscando inversores
Send me a proposal please Envíame una propuesta por favor

There are absolutely winning ways to learn Spanish faster and we are here to share them with you. Remember that there are a lot of different accents, vocabulary and pronunciations in the Spanish-speaking world, you can check the differences between Castilian Spanish and Mexican Spanish, for example to understand how they sound.

Make sure to understand the business culture of the Spanish speaking country you are visiting before you jump into a meeting. Every place has different values and protocols , it's very important to understand them and be able to adapt your communication style to different cultures.

So best of luck with that!